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Our checklist for pulling off the ultimate winter soiree


There is something truly magical about a winter wedding. The beautiful lush scenery, intimate indoor ceremonies, the warmth of a fire and elegant moody lighting all make for a cosy and romantic affair. Is there really a better excuse to celebrate love by toasting with red wine and kick starting the d-floor to get the blood pumping?

We have been lucky enough to be a part of many magical winter soirees which maybe has made us a little biassed. So if you are planning on tying the knot in the ‘down season’ we have a list of items to add to your checklist list:

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First things first, plan ahead!

Although vendors may have more flexibility during the winter months, it’s also a time where a lot of vendors take some well-deserved R&R. So first in, best dressed.

Plan B:

We have said it before and we will say it again, your plan A should always be to have a plan B.

The truth is, no one can control the weather. Heck, who is to say you won’t be struck with a drizzly, 10 degree day in the peak of summer? If you have pictured an outdoor vineyard ceremony since you were a little tacker then we are all for it #doitforthephoto. But be sure to have a backup plan in case torrential rain is thrown your way. Talk to your venue to see if they have an option to move your celebrations inside, or otherwise, hire a marquee!

IDEA: Add a basket full of cosy blankets at your ceremony for your guests to take the chill off. Why not even add some umbrellas to the mix in case of a little sprinkle. 

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Sorry if we are stating the obvious here, but nothing kills the mood more than a bunch of shivering guests who can’t feel their toes. If you are having a marquee wedding, put heaters on the top of your list (do it now). Otherwise, make a big fat note to talk to your venue or marquee supplier about heating requirements.

 Kick it up a notch:

Planning a small, intimate affair? Maybe an open outdoor fire is something to consider. We mean, is there anything better than snuggling up around a fire with your nearest and dearest? Red wine is optional but highly recommended.


Dress to impress:

Long sleeve dresses and fur coats. Do we need to say anymore?Or maybe custom denim jackets and statement leather boots are more your style… This is your moment to shine, so why not dress to impress? Winter fashion brings layers, textures, beaded details, plus a ton of accessory options!

The Details:

This may be common sense, though reminding your guests of the season is never a terrible idea. Pop a little note under your ‘dress code’ or instead add a details card to your invitation suite and mention there will be a cloak room at the reception as a hint. The more details the better we say.

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 We are placing double emphasis on this one.

Firstly, winter comes with shorter days and longer nights, so make sure you consider lighting in ALL aspects of your day, especially your photos!

Consider starting your ceremony an hour earlier so you have enough natural light for your bridal shots. Or, if you are open to it, why not have your bridal photos pre ceremony?

Secondly, lighting sets the mood, so have fun with it. Think fairy lights, festoons, pendant droppers, rattan pendants. Make a statement that lights you up inside.  

Oh and we can’t forget candles! Nothing screams winter wonderland like the warm glow and flicker from a candle, TO DIE FOR.

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  • Anything VELVET! It’s a statement in itself. Not only is it moody and elegant, it is also super plush and comfortable. 
    • To lounge: Velvet lounge in navy, pink or black, or have you seen our black curved velvet lounge? Pair these with our Interchangeable coffee table
    • To dine: black velvet dining chair
    • To socialise: black & nude velvet bar chairs
  • Dance floor – this is a must have so you can warm up with a boogie
  • Fairy lights – to set the mood. Whether they complement the stars from a clear top marquee, or decorate the ceiling of your reception.


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