The Client unconditionally accepts the following terms and conditions.


  1. The ‘Hire Company’ is Hire in Style.
  2. The ‘Client’ refers to any individual, firm or corporation hiring equipment or that appoints services from the ‘Hire Company’.
  3. The ‘Equipment’ refers to all marquees, furniture, homewares, lighting and accessories supplied to the ‘client’.
  4. The ‘Event date’ is the day of the wedding or event supplied by the ‘client’ to the ‘hire company’.


The items supplied for hire remain at all times the property of the hire company. The client acknowledges responsibility for the hired items and is liable for any damages to these items in the specified hire period.


Hiring of the equipment will begin from the delivery or pick up date specified by the hire company and shall be collected or returned to Hire in Style by the date specified by the hire company. Any extension period must be agreed to by Hire in Style otherwise additional fees will apply.

Hire in Style has quality control procedures in place. All equipment is checked, cleaned and counted prior to delivery or pick up. The equipment shall be delivered to the client in a clean and well-maintained condition. It is the client’s responsibility to notify the hire company of any missing items or should the equipment not be in a satisfactory condition within 6 hours of receiving the equipment. Otherwise any damage, missing items or uncleanliness of equipment shall be deemed the client’s accountability.

To offer security to the client and Hire in Style, a 40% non-refundable deposit of the overall invoice amount is required to be paid in order to confirm a booking.  Quotes may be issued; however, hired items cannot be held until the deposit has been received.

Final payment of the full invoice amount shall be paid 21 days prior to the event date. Please note that should the final payment not be made 21 days prior to the event date the hire company reserves the right to no longer supply any equipment for the event.

Overdue accounts by more than 14 days will attract a fee of 2.5% of the outstanding balance per month and may be referred to professional collection agencies. Debt collection, solicitors’ costs and all administrative costs incurred in collecting outstanding accounts will be charged at cost to the client.

If delivery is required, a minimum of $500 needs to be spent on hired items for events held in Southwest WA and a minimum of $2000 for the Great Southern, Wheatbelt and Perth area. Delivery and collection fees are quoted separately. There is no minimum hire order if the client requires a DIY service (meaning the client picks up and drops off at Hire in Style’s warehouse).

If a client is collecting and dropping off the hire items at Hire In Style’s warehouse this will need to be during normal working hours (8am – 5pm) and days (Monday to Friday). If it is outside of these days and times or on a public holiday the client will incur additional charges.

Credit card details are required as part of the booking process. These details are kept on file during the hire period as security.

Any charges incurred by Hire in Style or their agent, in recovering equipment and/or monies will be charged to the client.

Hire of any of the Hire Company’s timber furniture is strictly for ‘indoor use’ only, but will be considered for ‘outdoor use’ if:

  1. Adequate protection measures are put in place and an agreement has been made between the Hire Company and the Client prior to the event. For example, the furniture may be used outside for the duration of the event then moved undercover over night or protected from the elements.
  2. If the weather permits at the discretion of the Hire Company’s team members and will be on the day delivery and collection only.

If any timber furniture is being used in a clear marquee then these items will be strictly available to hire for a 24-hour period only, unless a cover on the marquee is provided prior to and after the event to protect the items from direct sunlight and extreme fluctuations in temperature. The Hire Company has the right to refuse the hire of timber items in a clear marquee in the event temperatures reach extreme levels (greater than 35 degrees) and adequate protection has not been provided by the client.

*Any agreements between the Hire Company and the Client will need to be in writing prior to the event.


Marquee prices are based on being pegged into flat level ground. Marquee, marquee silk draping, lighting (marquee only) and flooring prices include labour / setup costs.

Marquees are not available for beach ceremonies (grassed areas at the beach are ok).

Once a marquee has been erected, all responsibility for the marquee lies with the hire client. Any loss, damage, breakage or additional cleaning will be charged for. This includes water damage & staining from reticulation, and smoke damage. Flooring and dance floors cannot be moved or relocated; charges may apply.

Installers of marquees must be informed of the location of all water, gas, reticulation pipes and telephone cables prior to installation. Whilst all care will be taken, no responsibility is taken for any damage caused to any water, gas, reticulation pipes, telephone cables or other equipment. Any repairs will be at the client’s expense. All care will be taken when erecting a marquee; however, no liability will be accepted for any damage to property or fixing that a marquee may be attached too.

Size estimates and floor plans provided by the Hire Company are estimates only. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the sizing of the marquee is adequate for the event and furniture layout.

Where timber flooring is supplied as part of the order the Client hereby acknowledges that timber is a natural product and is subject to dimension and shape variations due to climatic and other prevailing conditions. The flooring material is designed to be a structural floor; therefore, gaps may exist and vary due to the nature of the timber.

The Hire Company reserves the right to refuse installation of a Marquee if the weather conditions prove to be unsuitable or dangerous and the integrity of the marquee structure will be compromised. Please note, the client will not be eligible for a refund under these circumstances.

Marquee lighting can only be erected by a member of the Hire in Style team or one of our recommended and trusted lighting suppliers. Under no circumstances will a client be permitted to self-install marquee lighting.


The Client may cancel an order, though please note cancellation fees will occur. No cancellation by the client is valid unless it has been acknowledged in writing by the hire company. Fees and charges are as follows;

Booking deposits paid are non-refundable to cancellation, change of date or change-of-mind.

Any refunds will incur an administration fee of $95.00; your refund will be less this amount.

Cancellations before 21 days are eligible for a refund, less the booking deposit and the $95.00 administration fee.

Cancellations within 21 days prior to the event date will be refunded the delivery and pick up fees only. The refund will be less the administration fee. The hire items dollar amount will not be refunded as this is considered loss of opportunity.

These cancellation terms also apply to cancellation of individual items from any confirmed order.

Changes to an order can be made before 21 days prior to the event date, 4 changes are accounted for, there after any additional changes may be subject to an administration fee of $95.00 at the discretion of the hire company. Hire in Style only allow additions to the order within 21 days prior to the event date due to loss of opportunity.

Sit down events will require final numbers to be finalized 21 days prior to the event date when the final payment is due. Cancellations on items including chairs, cutlery, glassware, linen, plates and any other hire items due to changes in guest numbers before this time will only incur a charge of the 40% non-refundable deposit if it is more than 10% of the original number booked.

Cancellations of bookings/events due to weather shall still be subject to the cancellation policy above. The hire company is in no way responsible for intemperate weather that may cause the client to cancel their booking.


Hire item prices do not include delivery, collection, set-up or installation unless specified by the hire company.

The delivery and installation fees vary depending on the location of the event and the actual order. This fee may be subject to change should the client alter the order, location of the event or amount of equipment to be setup. Unless a setup fee has been charged and agreed upon by Hire in Style, the hire company is not responsible for the setup of equipment.

Should extra labour be required under any circumstances, then additional charges will apply.

A member of Hire in Style’s team will contact the client, one to two weeks prior to the delivery to inform the client of the delivery time. The hire company requires flexibility around delivery and collection, all time given allow a two-hour window.

Standard delivery fees apply to deliveries and collections that occur between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday, and 8am until 1pm on Saturdays. The client will incur an additional fee for any out-of-hours, timed, late night/ midnight, Sunday and Public Holiday deliveries and collections.

The client agrees to ensure that any site specified on the hire agreement, will be clear of obstructions to allow Hire in Style to erect, install or place the hire equipment safely. The hire company must be informed of the location of all water, gas, reticulation pipes and telephone cables prior to installation. Whilst all care will be taken, Hire in Style will not be responsible for any damage to water, gas, electricity and telephone cables or property. Any repairs will be at the client’s expense.

The Hire Company’s staff members will not be responsible for installing lighting inside a marquee that is not owned by the Hire In Style. For any lighting installations agreed upon, a detailed floor plan needs to be provided at least 21 days prior to the client’s event. Any on day changes to this floor plan will incur additional labour charges to the client.


The client is responsible for the hired items during the hire period. Any lost, stolen, badly damaged or breakage of equipment (including packaging items), however caused during that period, the client will be charged the full present-day value.

If an item is returned damaged but repairable, the client will be charged for the cost of repairs.

All equipment is to be returned to the hire company in a clean but not necessarily sterile state, unless otherwise specified. Returned equipment that requires further cleaning will incur an additional charge.

In the event any hire items are not returned to Hire in Style by the specified time and date, the client will be given a grace period of five business days to return any unreturned/missing items. After this period the items will be charged for at the full present-day value and will not be eligible for a refund, even if returned, as this is considered loss of opportunity.

The client shall protect the equipment from the elements during the time of hire. In poor weather conditions storage of the equipment may be necessary and is the responsibility of the client to see that the equipment is stored safely. Any equipment damaged from the weather is the full responsibility of the client and shall be paid at full replacement cost to the hire company.

All costs associated with any lost, stolen, damaged or unclean equipment, if not paid by the due date on the final invoice, up to the value of $200 will automatically be charged to the nominated credit card held at the point of booking. If the costs exceed this amount, the hire company will contact the client to discuss payments options.


Hire equipment is not insured during the hire period, all responsibility lies with the client.

The client hereby indemnifies and holds indemnified Hire in Style, its agents and employees, from and against all claims, actions, demands and expenses in any way arising from injury, death, loss of income or damage caused to the client or its property or the associated users in respect of the equipment or these terms.