4 Wedding Traditions to Leave Behind in 2022

Have you ever wondered why some wedding traditions are still going strong?

Tempted to toss tradition at your wedding and make your own rules?

Dropping customs that don’t resonate with you means you can discover more authentic ways to mark those important wedding moments.

Swap these for something more your style. And maybe spark a new trend!


1. Walking down the aisle 

Don’t like the idea of being walked down the aisle?

Swap it:  Walk down the aisle with your partner and both your families. It’s symbolic of you entering an equal partnership and future together.


2. Wearing a white dress

White not your colour? 

Before Queen Victoria made the white dress viral in 1840, brides wore whatever they wanted. It was usually something they could re-wear, and colour was the norm.

Swap it: Do you feel amazing drenched in green sequins? Go for it. The choices are boundless (and more affordable).

Photographer: Ben and Ebony


3. Ghosting your partner before the wedding

Not seeing (or even meeting) your future spouse until the ceremony was once common practice. 

It was feared the groom would back out when seeing his future wife (hence the veil only being lifted after the vows). 

Yup. Not a lot of romance there. 

Swap it: Help each other get ready. It’s a deeply intimate way to connect, build anticipation and slow down before the wild day ahead.

Photographer: Lindsey Taylor Photography

4. Bridal party

In Ancient Rome, legal marriages needed 10 witnesses. Cue bridal posse.

Here’s another fun fact. The bridesmaids would wear the same gown as the bride, and the groomsman would dress identical to the groom. 


This was thought to trick evil spirits and prevent them finding and cursing the couple.

Swap it: Deviate from the norm with a more diverse squad. Bridesman? Groomsmaid? How about your pet chihuahua? Or is your nan your main girl? 

Photographer: Pete The Photographer Co


So, make (or break) the rules. When it comes to your day, we advocate doing what’s culturally significant and important to you. 

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