Round or long tables: What is the best choice for your wedding reception?

Wondering what table layout will work best for your wedding?

We wish we could say making the decision between round or long tables is an easy one. The truth is, choosing the best table layout for your wedding isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Your venue space & capacity, guest list, guest requirements, menu style and your overall wedding style all come into play.

We have made a good ol’ fashioned list of pros & cons for each table type, so you can way up the options and decide what is the best fit for your wedding reception. 

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Before we dive into the pros and cons debate, the first point of call is to check in with your venue. Confirm the capacity limit and do a walk-through of the reception space so you have a clear vision of what the space looks like, where the entry and exits are, the bathrooms and the power points. Trust us when we say, all these things will impact the floor layout.

Sometimes, venues often have their own furniture for you to use, which helps to make your choice of tables a whole lot simpler. If your venue space is a blank canvas, it’s still wise to check with the venue as to what their recommended floor plan for your number of guests may be, especially if they are coordinating or catering your wedding themselves.

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Round: Pros

– Round tables can’t be joined together, therefore there is less table top to be styled meaning less budget you will need to allocate to decorative items. So a pro for your budget!

– Round tables better accommodate conversation – guests can more easily chat to all parties on the table, rather than being restricted to the guests next to them or directly opposite.


Round: Cons

– Round tables tend to have the ‘been there, done that’ connotation. They are perceived as more traditional, which might not work with your wedding style.

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Long: Pros

– Long tables are communal – they can be joined together to create even longer tables, decreasing the overall number of tables on your seating chart all together. It might sound silly, but this can also decrease the chance of some of your guests getting upset with the table number they were put on.

– Long tables allow for more styling options –  think larger floral arrangements, table raisers, candle & posy vase combos.   

– Long tables more often than not sit more guests, which is a big tick if you are hiring tables, chairs & linen!


Long: Cons

– Not so easy to mingle. Long tables make it harder to strike up conversation with multiple guests during the seated service, other than the ones sitting next to you and directly across.

– Accessibility – getting to your seat can be difficult if you are sat in the middle of the table. If you are going for a long table layout, be sure to take this into considerations when drafting your seating plan. Seating your elderly guests in the middle of your long tables probably isn’t the best choice.

– Speaking of seating plans, it could possibly be a little more difficult putting together your seating plan with fewer tables to group your guests at. Word of advice, start this as early as possible and have a glass of wine handy!


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